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Our mission is to continuously provide high-quality products with an alternative value added through our exquisite customer service. We strongly support that luxury is the right of everyone and hence, our purpose is to distribute quality and luxury to all seeking for it. We insist in treating our customers in the most superior manner and guarantee highest of quality jewelry pieces. Our endless engagement in renovation, research and technology is our fundamental tool for differentiation and competitive superiority. With the recognition of Antwerp’s gemological institute we offer highest of quality diamonds accompanied by signed warranties and through our innovative HR systems we have managed to maximize our customer service quality.

Our vision is by continuous restructuring, rebranding and remarketing techniques to become a nationally recognizable brand in the retail jewelry industry. This renovation will happen through:

·     Reorganizing the company’s strategy and its operation system

·     Building a strong and well recognized brand name as a retailer

·     Incorporating our own unique brand to create a market niche and add value to our products, and by

·     Engaging in marketing and advertising activities to deliver this added value to the customers

The idea is for Mag to communicate a modern, fresh and sophisticated jewelry company. The culture, notion and design of the retail spots but also of the jewelry itself, progressively develop to sustain a modern, yet of high value overall shopping environment.

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