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The basic line behind our purchase strategy is to identify signs of current fashion trends in unusual however and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.The result of this differentiation strategy is ending up with carefully selected pieces of jewelry that cover a wide range of taste and price-standards that embrace fashion trends but are not identified by them. Instead, we continuously seek for jewelry items that have their own "identity". That is, pieces of jewelry that can "tell a story" in the sense that they allow for imagination and reflect creativity and uniqueness.

Apart from the pieces of jewelry, we perceive Mag as a selling experience environment. Our aim is not simply to sell our jewels but the achievement of something far more meaningful and valuable. In order hence, to add this value and once again, differentiate from our competitors, we perceive our work as a combination of selling a product as well as a shopping experience.For Mag, a successful sale is one in which the customer leaves not only with a precious item but also with a precious memory accompanied by a story concerning his purchased item.

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